November 8, 2021

4 tips for increasing pig productivity with Big Dutchman Piggery Equipment

Here at Big Dutchman, we’re passionate about farming.  We’re passionate about farmers being as profitable as possible because profitable farms mean sustainability. We’re also passionate about animal welfare because happy, healthy animals mean better productivity and… you guessed it… profitable farms.

This month we’ve been chatting about 4 ways to increase pig productivity with Big Dutchman farm equipment.  With over 50 years’ local experience and over 80 years international experience, we thought we’d share these insights with you.

#1: Sow Friendly Farrowing Pens

Key to the success of any sow is a stress free, comfortable environment designed for her optimal wellbeing.  With years of experience in pig farming, Big Dutchman Farrowing Houses have been designed with animal behaviour in mind.

With Big Dutchman Piggery solutions, we’ve found that a more open farrowing house structure reduces stress, increases wellbeing, and that sows in these environments tend to eat and drink more.  All of this amounts to a happier mother, which generally means a less stressful farrowing experience.

For more information on the Big Dutchman Piggery Products, click here (Piggery - Big Dutchman)

#2: Piglet and Sow Support

The next, extremely important phase pig farming is the first few weeks straight after birth.  Big Dutchman Piggeries has found that this phase can be the make or break in terms of pig profitability.  Why?  Because keeping the sow stress free reduces the risk of post farrowing infection or illness and a safe environment for the piglets means fewer early losses. (Here is more information on sow care post farrowing Care of the Sow During Farrowing and Lactation - Pork Information Gateway (

Big Dutchman Sow and Piglet pens provide heat pads for the piglets and a non-slip cast iron slat for the sows so that she is relaxed and comfortable while feeding, while Big Dutchman farrowing crates prevent accidental piglet deaths.  In addition, Big Dutchman Piglet solutions provide a warm safe space for the piglets which reduces stress and increases piglet survival rates in the first few weeks.  Read more about Big Dutchman Piggery equipment here (Piggery - Big Dutchman)


#3: Piglet Feeding

A key aspect to successful pig farming is maintaining the lowest piglet mortality rate and the lowest piglet feed conversion.  With larger litters, this can be more difficult to achieve as the sow has more mouths to feed.

Big Dutchman Pig Production has developed several ingenious solutions to this problem including:

  • Sow Friendly Lactation Pens

Corresponding with natural behaviour, Big Dutchman’s sow rearing pens can be configured for single sows or groups of up to 3 sows per pen.  These pens reduce the stress on the sows and the piglets and introduce piglets to the sow troughs early on enabling a better transition later in life.

  • Comfortable Feeding Conditions

Key to the health of piglets is safe access to food and a relaxed feeding environment.  Big Dutchman’s variable restraint frame ensures sow comfort with heated feeding area as well as plenty of room to move and access to food and water.  This helps to ensure the safety of the piglets during feeding while keeping the sow relaxed and happy.


  • Culino Cup Feeding Innovations

Sows giving birth to such large litters must be healthy and strong, since supplying all piglets with sufficient amounts of milk is very strenuous for the mother. Despite her best efforts, not every sow will have enough milk for all her offspring, resulting in losses or strongly varying weaning weights. Sows may also experience exhaustion, which has negative effects on their fertility after weaning.

Big Dutchman’s Culino Cup provides easy access for milk replacements and pre-starters to piglets which ensures that all piglets in the litter have adequate food to ensure an early healthy start to life.

Find out more about Big Dutchman pig production products here (Piggery - Big Dutchman)

#4: Stress Free Finishing

Once piglets have been successfully weaned, the next phase in which farm improvements can impact farm profitability is finishing.  There are 3 key aspects to reducing animal stress, increasing wellbeing and ultimately making your farm more profitable.

  • Food and Water

Providing growing pigs with the right quantities of food and water is critical to their performance.  Big Dutchman’s water and food delivery systems enable farmers to quickly and easily distribute food to finishing pigs while maintaining a low labour interaction and low stress environment for the pigs.

  • Ventilation and Climate control

If your pigs are too hot, or too cold or are struggling with air quality, it will increase their stress levels.  As a result, they will tend to eat and drink more while failing to convert this food properly.  Big Dutchman has a range of ventilation and climate control systems that keep pigs at the perfect temperature, with the right air quality for improved feed conversion rates.

  • Farm management

In any animal production farm, the less the animals are handled, the less stressed they will be.  Big Dutchman’s Big Farm Net enables farmers to manage aspects such as food and water delivery, climate control and animal weight measurement without labour interventions.  This keeps your pigs more relaxed and happier for longer while also reducing the risk of bio contamination.

Give your pig farm the very best chance of success with Big Dutchman Pig Production equipment.

Invest in the best with Big Dutchman. (Piggery - Big Dutchman)

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