October 4, 2021

4 Ways Installing Big Dutchman Feed Mill Makes Your Farm More Profitable

In any animal production farm, managing input costs to ensure the profitability of the farm is key to success. Big Dutchman has worked with hundreds of farmers over the 55+ years we’ve been working in Southern Africa,  fine tuning this delicate profitability equation.  Apart from energy efficient buildings, accurate feed and water distribution systems and animal housing the keeps poultry and pigs happy and healthy, Big Dutchman are also experts in feed mills.

If you are raising poultry or pigs, then feed is one of your biggest input costs, which is why we have written this article on 4 ways installing a Big Dutchman feed mill makes your farm more profitable.

#1 Big Dutchman Feed Mills Enable Home Grown Feed Production

International studies show that feed makes up between 60%-70% of animal and poultry production costs in any given year -Read more here.  With this in mind, farmers who are able to produce their own feed can often do so at significantly lower prices than feed purchased from suppliers.

Key to feed production, however, is the equipment needed to grind, mix and store feed.

Big Dutchman Feed Mills, Silos, Augers and Spirals enable farmers to utilise land not being used for animal production to grow the ingredients needed for high-quality feed at a greatly reduced cost.

The result from a profitability stand-point for the farm is reduced input costs, which results in greater profit potential.

Get in touch with the Big Dutchman Southern Africa team here today for more information on how Big Dutchman Feed Mills could facilitate home grown feed solutions for your egg production, broiler production or piggery today -Read more about our Feed Mills here.

#2: Big Dutchman Feed Mills Enable Feed Quality Control

Studies show that increased feed quality provides poultry and pigs with the nutrition needed for higher yields in egg production, broiler production and pig production - Read more here.

If feed quality from suppliers dips due to climate conditions or input costs in their business, the health and productivity of the poultry and pigs will be negatively affected.  Poor feed quality results in increased animal stress, an increase in manure, as the animals are not able to absorb as much nutrition from the feed and a decrease in egg or meat production.

Providing a balanced, nutritious feed to poultry and pigs means increased productivity, wellbeing and overall health which, when you are growing your own feed is possible to control.

Big Dutchman Feed Mills, Silos Augers and Spirals enable farmers to experiment with different percentages of feed inputs and monitor the results.  This adjustment to feed quality empowers farmers to make cost vs benefit decisions as conditions change throughout the year, improving productivity while maintaining feed cost control.

Contact the Big Dutchman Southern Africa team for more information on the Big Dutchman Feed Mill Solutions available - Read more about our Feed Mills here.

#3: Big Dutchman Feed Mills Ensure Feed Supply Certainty

A variety of factors could influence the certainty of feed delivery, including supplier labour issues, bio-security, road closures, supplier production facilities and more.  Instead of having to scramble to find solutions to feed delivery problems, farmers who invest in Big Dutchman feed mills, silos, augers, and spirals have complete control of the feed input for their poultry and pigs.  This self-sufficiency could be the difference between breaking even for the year or making a profit.

In addition, Big Dutchman feed mills, silos, augers and spiral systems ensure a seamless delivery of feed from each system straight into your animal production houses.  This reduces feed spillage, wastage and ensures no external contaminants get into the feed.

For more information on how Big Dutchman can facilitate feed self sufficiency through our feed mills, silos, augers and spirals contact the Big Dutchman Southern Africa team - Read more about our Feed Mills here.

#4: Big Dutchman Feed Mills Empower Additional Farm Income

Although many farmers initially install feed mills, silos augers and spirals to reduce input costs for their own animal production farms, there is an opportunity to sell off excess feed to surrounding farms.

Big Dutchman silos are designed to keep feed at the optimum temperature and moisture levels for feed longevity, enabling farmers with excess feed to either store the feed for colder months, or store the feed for sale.

If you’re looking for additional revenue streams for your farm, contact the Big Dutchman Southern Africa team today - Read more about our Feed Mills here.


Big Dutchman feed mills, silos augers and spirals provide farmers with long-term solutions to feed challenges while assisting farmers to determine their own feed quality, availability and cost.  For exciting examples of feed mill installations, visit the Big Dutchman feed mill page here.

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