October 4, 2021

5 Reasons Big Dutchman Buildings set Farmers Up from Day 1

Starting an egg production, poultry production or pig production farm is an exciting venture with enormous potential.  With any new business, ensuring the sustainability and profitability of the farm is critical, particularly in first few months.

Big Dutchman specialises in egg, poultry and pig production and Big Dutchman Buildings set farmers up for almost instant success in the following 5 ways.

#1: Big Dutchman Buildings Provide Expert Farm Layout

With Southern African experience in egg production, poultry production and pig production since 1966, Big Dutchman has helped hundreds of farmers to increase farm productivity.  The Big Dutchman Building team support farmers at the farm design stage of a project with important elements such as animal movement, transport access, bio-security and management and labour access to the animals.

Providing farmers with expert farm layout advice before any building commences means the farm will work logistically from day dot.

For more information on Big Dutchman Buildings click here.

#2: Big Dutchman Buildings empower Permit Acquisition through Engineer Approved Drawings

Obtaining the right permits for a new egg production, poultry production or pig production house is the first hurdle to getting your animal production farm up and running. The environmental impact studies and Water Use Licenses required for animal production are critical to the start of any new project.  Big Dutchman Buildings provides farmers with 2D and 3D drawings that have been approved by a civil engineer and that clearly indicate the various aspects required to support your permit applications.

Get in touch with the Big Dutchman Building team today to discuss your egg production, poultry production and pig production building needs - Read more about our Buildings here.

#3: Big Dutchman Buildings have a 4-6 week, Project schedule.

Once the permits have been approved and the site levelled, Big Dutchman Buildings can  get started with the building process.

“Within just 12 - 16 weeks of being given the green light farmers are able to place their livestock. Big Dutchman works with client’s to ensure new farm building equipment is commissioned timeously so that the new animal production venture can start as soon as possible.

Big Dutchman Buildings manages the entire build from start to fittings according to the client’s specifications. The incredibly strong, durable and efficient materials used in the Big Dutchman Buildings means more durable buildings with a longer lifespan under corrosive conditions.

Find out more about Big Dutchman Buildings here.

#4: Big Dutchman Buildings are Energy Efficient

Aside from feed costs, heating and cooling costs can be some of the most difficult to manage.  Big Dutchman Buildings have several clever material and design aspects, including sandwich panels and an attic filled with specialised glass wool that ensures better insulation.  This enables better insulation, which in turn reduces the cost involved in brooding and cooling of buildings.

To find out more about the Big Dutchman Buildings contact us today - Read more about our Buildings here.

#5: Big Dutchman Buildings provide Expert Farm Management

For many farmers, starting a new farming venture requires new expertise.  Big Dutchman Buildings is able to provide expert consulting to farmers entering the egg production, poultry production or pig production market. Learn from the best with Big Dutchman Buildings.


Regardless of whether you already have an established farm or are planning a brand-new farming venture, partnering with Big Dutchman gives you the opportunity to make an instant success of your new egg production, poultry production or pig production farm.  With years of expertise in the Southern African market, the Big Dutchman team is able to provide you with turnkey solutions and rich experience and advice on the best ways to get your new farm up and running as quickly as possible.



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