• The Big Dutchman team are committed to personalised, tailored farming solutions.

  • Animal health and well-being are key objectives for every Big Dutchman project.

  • Here at Big Dutchman, we believe in client relationships that last a life- time.

  • The Big Dutchman team is passionate about providing Southern African farmers with the latest farming technology for increased productivity.

  • The Big Dutchman team combine over 55 years of local experience with the latest in international farming technology to empower Southern African farmers for success.

  • Big Dutchman: Invest in the best for long term success.

  • Big Dutchman World Class Poultry, Feed Mill and Piggery Equipment Increases Yield, Productivity and Protein Production.

  • Big Dutchman Has over 55 years Local and over 80 years global experience, all available to you when you become a Big Dutchman client.

  • At the cutting edge of Poultry, Feed Mill and Piggery innovation Big Dutchman Empowers Farmers Through Technology.

  • Reduce Operating Costs and Increase Productivity with Big Dutchman Poultry, Feed Mill and Piggery Equipment.

  • Protect Animal Health and Well Being with Big Dutchman’s Revolutionary Poultry, Feed Mill and Piggery Equipment.

Who We Are

Big Dutchman is a company devoted to and passionate about providing farmers with animal centric, profitable solutions that enable increased farm productivity.

We have been providing expert farming solutions to farmers around the globe since 1938. This history not only ensures that our solutions are founded in hard won farming knowledge across a broad range of climates, but it also enables our teams from around the world to share farming wins that benefit our clients.

Big Dutchman Southern Africa has been helping local farmers with world class, Southern Africa tailored farming solutions since 1966, a history that continues to empower our team to innovate around Southern African specific farming problems.

What We Do

Big Dutchman Southern Africa provides a range of exciting and innovative farming equipment solutions for poultry and piggery farmers. Our tailored farming solutions can be retrofitted to bolster current infrastructure or designed from scratch for specific farm projects.

Scientific research on animal well-being and productivity, along with economic studies on farm profitability drives each Big Dutchman innovation.

As leaders in poultry and piggery farming equipment design and implementation, Big Dutchman German precision farming equipment empowers farmers with information on the animals they are raising while reducing animal stress and increasing animal hygiene and well-being. This combined with practical farm innovations such as farm buildings, feed mills, residue belts and more, enables farmers to reduce their labour costs while increasing the efficiency and profitability of their farm.

From bird eye sensitive lighting to piggery housing that takes the animal specific behaviours into account, Big Dutchman is not only the leader in farming efficiencies and profitability but also in animal well-being.

Regardless of whether your farm needs higher yields, animal and bird friendly housing or increased farm efficiencies, Big Dutchman has the farming equipment solution for you.

Meet The Team

The Big Dutchman Southern Africa team is passionate about developing the farming potential of Southern Africa with state-of-the-art, precision farming equipment that empowers Southern African farmers to run more efficiently while producing higher yields.

Estelle Horn

Founder & Managing Director
Big Dutchman International is the world leader in innovation solutions for modern pig and poultry production. Big Dutchman South Africa was established in 1966 and Estelle Horn as the Managing Director will always be remembered for her passion and dedication to the industry.

Tony Canario

Managing Director
Tony joined Big Dutchman South African as the Financial Manager in 1988, and he became the Managing Director in 1995 and under his leadership, the company survived many cyclical downturns in the poultry industry.

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Tony has been instrumental in overseeing the growth of Big Dutchman South Africa for the past 33 years.

Alistair Rawstorne

Managing Director
Sales , Marketing, Business Development
Alistair Rawstorne joined Big Dutchman SA in January 2021 as a successor to Tony Canario. He currently leads the company’s sales, marketing and business development operations.

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He is responsible for the company’s increasing development and expansion efforts into high-growth, emerging markets both domestically and in the Southern African Region.

Prior to joining Big Dutchman, Alistair served in Executive Roles with 2 Large Listed Motor Retail Groups in South Africa.

Mervyn Brown

Technical Director
Mervyn Brown joined Big Dutchman South Africa after graduating as an engineer as the Technical Manager in 1995.

Over the years he has gained experience and knowledge to allow him to engage new technologies and processes in order to execute complex installations.

Scott Wiggill

Sales Director
BU Pig Department
Scott Wiggill leads the company’s BU Pig Division; he is responsible for the continued growth and development and expansion efforts into high-growth, emerging markets both domestically and international markets,

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His expertise over the 23 years has allowed for continued growth into emerging markets.

Corne Oosterhuis

Head of Business unit
BU EGG Department
Corne Oosterhuis leads the company’s BU Egg Division; he is responsible for the continued growth and development and expansion efforts into emerging markets. His expertise and knowledge being in the industry for 10 years gives him good understanding into the specific markets.

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He is responsible for implementation for the division’s turnaround and client identity.

Willem Greyling

Sales & Business Growth
BU Poultry Division
Willem Greyling leads the company’s BU Poultry Division; he is responsible for Sales Growth and Business Development for both Broiler and Broiler Breeder Customers in the Southern African Countries. He has extensive overall knowledge and experience with Big Dutchman’s vast product range having been with the Company for 5 years. This experience gives him a good understanding of our customer’s requirements both locally and in Sub Saharan Africa.

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Willem holds a Bachelors Degree in Marketing as well as a Diploma in Nature Conservation, and is passionate about the Poultry Industry in which he operates.
"Verder is ek baie tevrede met die bouwerk op hierdie stadium.
Stuur asb die kwotasies aan so gou moontlik."

Fanus Weldhagen

Weldhagen Boerdery
Chicken Farm
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