• Use energy of the sun to reduce energy costs sustainably and permanently.

  • Increase energy independence while descreasing energy costs.

  • Turnkey solar systems for pig, poultry and egg production.

  • Up to 70% of the total energy demand covered by annual solar yield.

  • Remote and customised energy output monitoring.

  • Big Dutchman: Invest in the best for long-term success.


With consistent and reliable electricity supply, an ongoing issue in Southern African countries, Big Dutchman Solar provides farmers with reliable, cost-effective, solar, energy solutions.

Big Dutchman Solar offers pig, poultry and egg production farmers with the ability to calculate the energy output of their solar system so that they can accurately predict the top-up grid and/or generator energy required.

Robust, agriculture grade solar panels provide reliable energy to pig, poultry and egg production farmers, which is supported by expert installations and maintenance teams.

In addition to monthly energy cost savings, the efficiency of equipment within the house is improved due to direct energy supply.  This incredible energy provision further benefits farmers with up to 70% reduction in CO² emissions, which is an important measurement for pig, poultry and egg retailer statistics.

Utilise the power of the sun to drive pig, poultry and egg farming productivity and profitability.

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Working with the Big Dutchman has a wide range of client endorsed benefits which include:
  • Significantly and permanently reduce energy costs by replacing it with solar driven energy.
  • Energy protection from grid shortages.
  • Profitability protection from energy cost increases.
  • Up to 70% of the total house energy requirements provided by solar energy.
  • Long service life and low maintenance costs
  • Energy monitoring for each house enabling strategic energy usage.
  • Modular systems enabling farmers to build up to full solar capacity.

When you decide to invest in sustainable off-grid energy through Big Dutchman Solar, a range of exciting processes ensure the success of your solar system.

·       Big Dutchman Solar experts analyse your production house energy requirements.

·       A full turnkey solar solution is designed to the energy specifications of your farm.

·       State-of-the-art rooftop PV modules (solar panels) are installed on the roof of your production house.

·       Ongoing monitoring and maintenance is available should you require it.

Recent Projects

Department of Labour

Big Dutchman Southern Africa recently completed a very exciting project with the Department of Labour involving a turnkey broiler solution which included: Establishing the site with civile contractors Erecting the Broiler House Building Supplying, fitting and installing broiler equipment including feeding, drinking and ventilation equipment Erecting site offices and ablutions This fantastic project is designed […]
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Brits NW Project - Gielie Fourie

An exciting project  in which equipment for an environmentally controlled Broiler House for our client Gielie Fourie who is situated in Brits NW Province had the Big Dutchman Southern Africa team working with dynamic Big Dutchman technology to achieve the client’s objectives. As a successful Broiler Farmer Mr Fourie worked with the Big Dutchman Southern […]
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"Verder is ek baie tevrede met die bouwerk op hierdie stadium.
Stuur asb die kwotasies aan so gou moontlik."

Fanus Weldhagen

Weldhagen Boerdery
Chicken Farm
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