• Big Dutchman provides future oriented, farm centric equipment for poultry, egg and pig production.

  • Big Dutchman increased farm efficiencies in feed and water delivery and manure removal.

  • Big Dutchman enables easy farm diversification for increased profitability.

  • Big Dutchman has been supporting farmers in Southern Africa since 1966.

  • Big Dutchman’s global community ensures the latest farming technology for any farming problem is available to our clients ahead of the market.

  • Big Dutchman: Invest in the best for long-term success.

  • Big Dutchman World Class Poultry, Feed Mill and Piggery Equipment Increases Yield, Productivity and Protein Production.

  • Big Dutchman Has over 55 years Local and over 80 years global experience, all available to you when you become a Big Dutchman client.

  • At the cutting edge of Poultry, Feed Mill and Piggery innovation Big Dutchman Empowers Farmers Through Technology.

  • Reduce Operating Costs and Increase Productivity with Big Dutchman Poultry, Feed Mill and Piggery Equipment.

  • Protect Animal Health and Well Being with Big Dutchman’s Revolutionary Poultry, Feed Mill and Piggery Equipment.



With an already well-established maize, sorghum and millet agriculture sector in place, the opportunity for poultry production, egg production and pig production for both local and export consumption is enormous.

Big Dutchman Southern Africa provides Zambian farmers with poultry, egg and pig production farming equipment designed to work within the specific climate, labour, feed and current infrastructure environment.

With Southern African farming experience since 1966 Big Dutchman supports farmers through practical, animal centric, cutting edge farming equipment to increase animal productivity, farm efficiencies and ultimately farmers profitability.
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  • Energy efficient poultry, egg and piggery equipment
  • A wide range of poultry, egg and piggery solutions that can easily be retrofitted to current houses
  • Local and international experience working in a variety of climates
  • State of the art cooling and ventilation systems for animal well-being and longevity
  • Animal centric drinking and feeding systems
  • Poultry, egg and piggery housing for animal well- being health and productivity
  • Integrated feed mills for increased farm profitability
At the heart of Big Dutchman Southern Africa, is a qualified team passionate about developing the agriculture potential of Southern Africa. With in-depth knowledge of Zambia including current challenges and potential, the Big Dutchman team are able to offer expert advice as to how our future oriented, innovative poultry, egg and piggery equipment can deliver the best results for Zambian farmers.

Recent Projects

Zambia Broiler

An exciting Big Dutchman installation in Zambia included a broiler facility for Ross Mazibuko  Grand Parent Stock Breeder.
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"Verder is ek baie tevrede met die bouwerk op hierdie stadium.
Stuur asb die kwotasies aan so gou moontlik."

Fanus Weldhagen

Weldhagen Boerdery
Chicken Farm
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